“Connecting the wellness community”

“A clear lens for client and clinician to view the path to well-being success”

Visualise the clients journey

GPT Health is a dedicated platform that allows the clinician to view client tracking and assessment information in a secure, clear and valid dashboard.


The visualisation is designed to act as the storyboard for physical and virtual consultation that is engaging and interactive for both parties.


Raise the discussion from objective data, chat through goals and objectives and align the data to free tracking tools for allowing professional periodic reviews.

Once the clinician has discussed and set some objectives and programs for the client, the client can simply track their feeling and activities to their personal data locker and then choose to share their results with the clinician.


The clinician can take an objective view to then adjust rehabilitation or a program design based on continual facts rather than periodic subjective opinion.


Basic client data viewing
$ 50 Year
  • Access to consented client data
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